-- Nancy Abron

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We are all capable of achieving goals & overcoming obsticles. Life is imperfect, that is why I started the Less than perfect blog to connect and share experiences.
Read my thoughts and share your own.

"Sharing short stories of life and the miracles that appear on a daily basis when we realize we are all human; we all have flaws that make us less than perfect."

As the saying goes people come in our lives”for a reason, for a season or for a lifetime” I have been blessed, meeting many people over the years not by coincidence but I believe through a Divine purpose. Our paths crossed everywhere. Sometimes at work, on the street, shopping at a store, or while visiting someone in the hospital. The timing was precisely as needed which I refer to as a “miracle”. Through those meetings the experience has given me some sort of awakening reminding me we are all God’s children and we are all flawed.

Sharing your humanness with another creates a bond of hope. Once you have hope you can see that twinkle of light that we all need from time to time just to get through whatever struggles we are faced with. I have been given this gift of certain acquaintances time and time again. Not too long ago I had a recent awakening that came so strong in a vision which I believe was a divine intervention and as a result, this blog was created with
much love.